Zubair SEC launches sixth edition of the Direct Support Programme
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) launched the sixth edition of its flagship Direct Support Programme (DSP) at a press conference held at Bait Al Zubair under the patronage of Hani Mohammed Al Zubair, Chairman of Zubair Automotive Group and Board Member of The Zubair Corporation.

Strategic partners from public and private sectors, officials from SME-linked institutions, entrepreneurs, SME owners, members of previous Programme editions were among those who attended the launch event of the popular Programme which has been providing support and guidance to high-potential young entrepreneurs and small-business owners over the last six years.

One of the most important programmes in the field of entrepreneurship support in the Sultanate, Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme has established a very reputable and credible positioning in the SMEs sector. Since its commencement in 2013.
During the event, executives of Zubair SEC called for applications from existing and new members. 10 winning applicants will be announced during the first quarter of 2020 after the applicants go through a multiple-stage evaluation.

Speaking about the success of the programme, Hani Mohammed Al Zubair said, “The experience of the Direct Support Programme stems from working with entrepreneurs and small business owners over the past six years. Therefore, when reviewing the process of working with the members of the programme and the diversity of their projects, personalities and circumstances, in previous sessions, we are all well aware of the accumulated wealth of experience and knowledge achieved by the team in the Centre. This has been attained through recurring experiences and working closely with members throughout all the challenges that they’ve faced and guiding them to overcome it. This knowledge has become the real capital of the Centre and is constantly being invested in the further development of the provided programmes and services.”

He added, “During the previous five rounds of the Direct Support Programme, members of Zubair SEC have demonstrated remarkable determination and dedication in moving forward with their projects. Some of them faced huge market fluctuations while others managed to sail more smoothly. However, in each case, the personality of the member and his/her sincere desire to learn and improve performance was most pivotal. This included improving the performance of project, the flexibility to adjust course whenever necessary and ability to take advantage of the available opportunities. No matter what advice or support is provided by the Centre's staff, the first and last decision to really benefit and progress is vested in the members themselves. Based on this approach to guidance and continuous development, Zubair SEC has been able to distinguish its offering and continue the development of its services while enhancing the value of its programmes, since its initiation. The Centre has now become one of the most important initiatives that the Zubair Corporation is proud of. Additionally, the Centre aims to keep reaching out and collaborating with other organisations, in the public and private sectors, both within and outside the Sultanate, to collectively support entrepreneurship and small enterprises.

Following his speech, a multimedia video presented the Direct Support Programme and deliberated on its selection criteria and process. Afterwards, Zaima Saif Nasser Al Salami, founder of Grandma’s Mixes and member of the Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2017, gave a speech on how she has benefitted from the programme. “The value that Zubair SEC has added to my entrepreneurship journey has been tremendous; my project now in a more sustainable condition, growing and expanding and taking a more advanced turn that would help it compete in local and regional markets. I encourage all entrepreneurs and small-business owners to apply to the Direct Support Programme and benefit from the various services that Zubair SEC has to offer”, said Zaima.

Experts from Zubair SEC work closely to promote and develop the Direct Support Programme members with diverse services including intensive advisory, business development opportunities, and a financial grant.  

Signing of new partners

Zubair SEC has been able to scale up the impact of the Direct Support Programme thanks to strategic partners who have shown trust in the programme and contributed to its success by adopting seats. At the launch event, three support partners were announced.
Leading investment company Ominvest renewed their partnership with the Programme by adopting 2 seats in the sixth round. They were represented by AbdulAziz Al Balushi, CEO of Ominvest who signed the Support Partner agreement with Hani Al Zubair in this regard. This is the third year in a row that Ominvest adopts seats in the Programme.
Oman Arab Bank also adopted one of the ten seats of the programme for 2020. Mr Rashad Al Musafer, CEO of Oman Arab Bank (OAB) signed the Programme Strategic Partners agreement which aligns with the existing collaboration between Zubair SEC and OAB in supporting SMEs in the country.
Moreover, and for the second year in a row, ARA Petroleum renewed their support to the Programme by adopting a new seat. The agreement was signed by Sultan Al Ghaithi, CEO of ARA Petroleum

Launch of digital marketplace ‘SouqMazoon’
The event also witnessed the announcement of upcoming digital SouqMazoon, a new social investment by the Zubair Corporation, specifically designed for SMEs, which will be officially launched this coming November.

Nauzer Nowroji, Senior Advisor at Zubair SEC, presented a brief on ‘SouqMazoon’, the new online marketplace specifically designed for SMEs. SouqMazoon has been designed by Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC), in partnership with technical partner Qaid Al Ardh Modern Projects, which is an SME company, and Oman Post as its Logistics Partner and Bank Muscat as the Banking Partner.
Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme aims at creating a spirit of positive competition between Zubair SEC’s members to enrol in the programme, and thus earn a package of essential services to launch and maintain successful and sustainable businesses through working plans implemented in cooperation between the Centre and the programme members.
Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme rewards members who prove their commitment towards success and dedication in applying the consultancy and advice provided to them by the Zubair SEC team. The members’ projects and businesses should reflect strategic planning and accurate feasibility studies that echoes their owners’ eagerness to apply best business administration measures with the assistance of Zubair SEC.

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