E-marketplace Souqmazoon receives great response by clients and SMEs
Sunday, September 6, 2020

Souqmazoon.com, an e-marketplace launched recently to primarily support SMEs and Omani products, has registered positive success after receiving an encouraging response from the local market.

Offering immense value to shoppers in Oman, Souqmazoon has recorded encouraging growth in its customer base within a month of launching the platform. Souqmazoon has also achieved an increase of SMEs registrations by 60 percent.

Team Souqmazoon’s intensive marketing efforts during the soft-launch and post-launch phases to promote the platform and its vendors had driven the progress recorded in the early weeks. The team’s constant endeavour is to help vendors promote their products by communicating special discounts and offers through Souqmazoon’s marketing campaign. Moreover, Souqmazoon continues to play a major role in guiding its vendors on how to best promote their products, run discounts and extend offers.

Understanding that customers want an overall experience that matches their standards for high-quality platforms, Souqmazoon advices vendors on sales and promotions to encourage potential customers to buy their product.

While the Souqmazoon app has achieved an increase in downloads, the e-marketplace has evoked growing traction on social media platforms too.

With a varied selection of products that are mostly sourced and produced in Oman, the portal souqmazoon.com is devised to cater to the discerning taste of the evolving online shoppers.

Souqmazoon works with a number of Omani organisations coming together to provide a seamless ecosystem that supports the souq’s operations, delivering a secure and efficient selling and buying experience. Key stakeholders include Asyad Express (Logistics), Bank Muscat (Payment Gateway), Oman Data Park (Hosting) and Qaid Al Ard Modern Projects LLC (Technology Partner).

Yaqob Salim Al Rawahi, owner of Karak Baitna which offers different flavours of karak chai and is one of the vendors on Souqmazoon says, “During these modern times, SMEs must keep abreast of the latest technology and adopt its efficacy to grow in their business. I am proud of being a part of this electronic platform which has Omani products, and which promotes local SMEs.  As for my experience with Souqmazoon goes, I have been able to save time and effort in the sales and management side of the business. I appreciate the team at Souqmazoon for being in touch with us always and would like to thank them for the same. I would like to invite all local vendors to join Souqmazoon and experience their professionalism.”

Jaffer Nasser Al Sawafi, a customer of Souqmazoon said, “I prefer online shopping because it is convenient and easy. You can order from the comforts of your home and is of great help especially during the current COVID-19 situation. Having shopped through Souqmazoon I must say it offers an easy to navigate, seamless, professional, and user-friendly shopping experience. It has a wide range of products and offers fast delivery and amazing customer service.”

Lauding Souqmazoon, Shatha Abdullah Al Jabri, Marketing Director at Meshan Date Sweets, one of Souqmazoon vendors said, “I am delighted to be part of the impressive e-marketplace which offers buyers a safe interface for viewing and purchasing our products. The portal helps SMEs to save on costs and reach out to customers across the country. The impact of COVID-19 has made online shopping more popular and we are fortunate to be part of a proficient and dependable platform which provides ease to customers and opportunities to SMEs.”

Bader Sulaiman Al Yarobi, Founder and CEO, Qaid Al Ardh Modern Projects LLC said, “Our e-marketplace has been echoing well and gaining an increasing positive response from consumers and vendors alike. The number of SMEs registering with Souqmazoon is growing steadily as the concept of online shopping becomes increasingly widespread. We are glad we are providing burgeoning Omani businesses with a wide potential for growth. Souqmazoon has relieved SMEs the burden of establishing their independent online presence which is a challenge by itself. The initiative has helped new entrepreneurs who didn't have the e-commerce mechanisms of selling their products.”

Souqmazoon’s desktop portal and mobile app have a secure payment gateway and provide all kinds of support through a well-established payment-gateway partner. They offer a secure payment mode ensuring a seamless checkout experience and encrypted security for personal information. The Souqmazoon app is available for download on Android and iOS platforms.

With an increasing number of vendors who have listed their products and started selling, Souqmazoon is sure to help grow their presence in Oman. Additionally, Souqmazoon offers strategic support to SMEs across Oman to sell their products online. The e-marketplace extends support by offering an online shelf space, along with guidance by a dedicated Vendors Relations Management team. 

With a broad range of Omani products, Souqmazoon encourages shoppers to buy locally sourced products. The platform approach is built on the strong belief that supporting local products and businesses will have a significant positive economic and societal impact and add to the diversity of products and services available to the community.

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