Z-Corp supports Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind to organise open sports day event
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

In line with its strategy to strengthen its socially impactful initiatives, The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) has supported the open sports day event of the Omar bin Al Khattab Institute for the Blind which was held at the Sultan Qaboos University.

The open sports day of Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind was supported by the ‘collaboration team’ of The Zubair Corporation. The ‘collaboration team’ comprises of a group of employees of The Zubair Corporation who participate in community initiatives which are planned and executed by them.

Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind is an educational institution based in Al Khoud is dedicated to the betterment of blind and those with visual impairment. While the institute focuses on education and rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired, it also empowers them through different training programmes.

The backing for Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind’s sports day comes as part of The Zubair Corporation’s strategy to highlight its sustained and evolving socially relevant work as a responsible corporate group with intent to make a positive difference in the society.

Around 150 students from the institute and 20 volunteers from outside the institute attended the open day. The event provided an opportunity for the blind and visually impaired to experience different sports such as football, athletics, goal ball and other events. The objective of the sports day was also to encourage people with visual impairment to participate in sporting activities.

Faisal Al Mandhari, assistant director of social communication at Z-Corp said, “We earnestly appreciate the effort of Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind who have been working towards giving quality training for the visually impaired people. They have been truly educating, supporting and encouraging the visually impaired members of the society through their work.”

He said, “The Zubair Corporation identifies itself fully with the vision of the Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind. We want to raise people's awareness of the need to provide more support to people with challenges in Oman to enable them to integrate into the community and to also access sports. This sports event was one such opportunity to show the society that those with blindness can excel too. Our group wants to acknowledge that those with visual challenges are an equal and important part of the community”.

The Zubair Corporation always strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of all sections of people. The group has been supporting sports and cultural events such as this one on a regular basis. It is dedicated to making a beneficial impact in the society and community in which we live and work.
Yahya Al Balushi, member of the collaboration team said, “The Z-Corp’s ‘collaboration team’ has supported the Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind by providing them with some sports equipment meant for the visually impaired. We thank the administration of the Institute of Omar bin Khattab Blind for their cooperation and their efforts for the people of Oman.”

Thanking The Zubair Corporation, Moza Al Kindi, Deputy Director of the Omar bin Khattab Institute for the Blind, said, “The sports day witnessed a lot of fun filled activities.  I would like to thank The Zubair Corporation and its ‘collaboration team’ for their dedication to the Institute's students. I would like to emphasise that visually challenged people have the capabilities and life skills. Support from corporate houses like The Zubair Corporation will encourage people with challenges achieve their full potential. The positive feedback we received from the participants at the open sports day proved that we have achieved our objective of creating a positive experience and opportunity for the people with visual impairments who attended.”

Over the years ‘collaboration team’ has organised many special events to remain connected with the society. Among the many programmes it has undertaken are, it has organised an open day for children affected by Down’s Syndrome.  The open day event titled was held in association with Ministry of Social Development's Al Aman Rehabilitation Centre to raise public awareness on Down Syndrome, a congenital disorder. The ‘collaboration team’ organised has previously held an open sports day event at the Omar bin Al Khattab Institute for the Blind based in Mawaleh. To emphasise the philosophy of giving to the society, the ‘collaboration team’ has organised community events at the Al Wafa Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children across Oman. As part of its commitment to contribute towards meaningful causes in the community, Z-Corp’s ‘collaboration team’ regularly organises events for the elderly in cooperation with the Omani Association for Elderly Friends.

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