Z-Corp organises special session on ‘New Technologies; Technology Disruption and Business Model Innovation’ conducted by expert from INSEAD
Tuesday, January 30, 2018

To help its employees evaluate emerging technologies and their potential impact on the organisation, The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) organised a two-day special session on ‘New Technologies and Technology Disruption and Business Model Innovation.’ The session was attended by board members and senior management of Z-Corp’s group companies.

The session was organised in the framework of Z-Corp’s, one of the leading business group, with decades of experience in the fields of Energy and Logistics, Engineering, Construction and Contracting, Information and Communication, Real Estate and Hospitality, Financial Services and Manufacturing, to fulfil its vision to be a leader in driving the socio-economic progress of Oman and enhancing the lives of its people.

In line with its vision to be a world class organisation in the country and invest in high potential opportunities and entities for sustained value optimisation, Z-Corp organised the workshop to give the participants an understanding of new technologies that have the capacity to create competitive advantage, change markets, or even change the business landscape. The intention was also to provide a perspective on business model innovation which is the promotion of unique concepts supporting an organisation's financial capability and the processes for bringing those ideas to realisation. The workshop also dealt with a session on combining business model innovation and technology for strategic positioning.

Rashad Bin Mohammed Al Zubair Chairman of Zubair Corporation said, “We believe in investing in our people and the session focussed on very relevant topics. In keeping with global trend, Z-Corp realises the potential of new technology, disruptive technology and business model innovation. The two-day session was aimed to find ways to incorporate these elements into our business processes. The session also helped us adopt the latest trend on building appropriate business model to overcome the situations like the current economic scenario.”

The sessions were conducted by Sameer Hasija an Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools with campuses in Europe (Fontainebleau, France), Asia (Singapore), and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). Hasija earned his PhD in Operations Management and MS in Management Science Methods from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester and his BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Sameer’s current research uses an economics lens to understand the design and management of technology, knowledge, and information intensive service systems.

Sameer’s sessions focussed on using a process lens to understand new levers of innovation. Using a systematic analysis of processes within and across firm boundaries, he emphasised the role of process-based innovation in creating new business models and fresh competitive positioning for existing business models. Sameer also gave participating executives an understanding of the latest developments in technology and their role in radically disrupting and transforming businesses.

Z-Corp has become more dedicated to introducing tools based on technology where it will help the group companies’ staff to mitigate risks and be ready for seen or unseen risk in future either financially or operationally. This programme has been envisioned mainly to help the group companies’ senior management and support them to find a space where they can play a major role in introducing or inducting new technologies.  The session also introduced the latest business model and strategies.

Such initiatives are a continuous process for Z-Corp and this is part of its strategic planning which has been developed and design through the previous workshops conducted through strategic partners. The strategy map drawn during those session focuses on areas such as innovation excellence, operational excellence, customer excellence and build the business.

Attaining innovation excellence, Z-Corp has created a culture of innovation by improving its teams' capabilities and created a framework that drives the innovation pipeline with creative, customer-oriented solutions that can be piloted, assessed and implemented driving operational excellence.

Achieving operational excellence, Z-Corp has employed high performance personnel who exhibit the right behaviours and cultures that use good management systems, tools, technology and continuously improve though learning and adaptation.

Having accomplished customer excellence, Zubair is considered a customers' provider of choice for the products and new services it offers. It has developed and implemented a culture of "Customer First" in all its businesses.

Similarly, Z-Corp had made a serious commitment to innovation and this dedication has taken its management team to recognise the importance of innovation across the group and make significant investment in the development of its innovation capabilities As part of the ongoing Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP), Z-Corp had partnered with Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) to conduct a leadership programme for all the major leaders of all the Z-Corp group companies where it focussed on innovation leadership and how to become innovation leaders in the region.  GIMI focussed on helping Z-Corp in identifying each of their sector where the next growth opportunity was and what they would need to do to pursue that growth opportunity.  

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