Zubair SEC member’s company Recycling Services and Zubair Automotive make noteworthy progress on waste management collaboration
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC)’s members Majed Saud Ahmed Al Battashi and Mahmoud Al Amri’s company Recycling Services and Zubair Automotive, have made significant progress on their waste management agreement.
Last February, facilitated by Zubair SEC, a waste collection agreement was signed between Recycling Services founders and Zubair Automotive. Additionally, Recycling Services had procured a completely modified and freshly branded truck from Zubair Automotive that has raised the business operational capacity since the hand over.
Majed Saud Ahmed Al Battashi and Mahmoud Al Amri founders of Recycling Services, a waste management company were among the 10 winners of the Zubair SEC’s flagship Direct Support Programme (DSP) for the year 2017.
Sheikh Rashid Abdullah Al Hoti, GM of Corporate Affairs, Zubair Automotive said, “We are proud of our collaboration with Recycling Services who have been working with us for more than six months. We are delighted to inform that Recycling Services has managed to reduce the area of waste collection at Zubair Automotive premises by 80%, by using smaller ground area, but higher vertical bins. This has created more space for Zubair Automotive car parking ensuring smoother flow.”
He added, “Essentially Recycling Services were able to reduce disruption time at Zubair Automotive by 80%, as they now need to collect weekly instead of daily. They also ensure that the collected waste from Zubair Automotive is segregated and sent for recycling through an environment friendly manner as per Be’ah standards and procedures.”
Ali Shaker, Advisor - Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Zubair SEC said, “We are pleased to divulge that there has been perceptible collaboration advancement since the signing of the contract between Recycling Services and Zubair Automotive. It is particularly satisfying to announce that waste is being segregated and processed as per the guidelines set by Be’ah. By supporting young entrepreneurs, large scale companies like Zubair Automotive are encouraging and nurturing an innovative, dynamic and aspiring SME ecosystem. We thank Zubair Automotive for their show of confidence in our member’s business. When big companies support SMEs, they can truly thrive. The backing of the corporate community is needed to drive the agenda of SMEs story forward. We are also proud that Zubair SEC’s support ecosystem has been dynamic and evolving based on the needs identified in the SMEs sector. We are proud of the work done by our members.”
Majed Saud Ahmed Al Battashi and Mahmoud Al Amri said, “We are grateful for all the support in this business journey. We thank Zubair Automotive for their trust and vote of confidence in helping us make our dream come true. Zubair SEC’s guidance has helped us immensely and we can’t thank them enough.”
The modified and branded truck handed over by Zubair Automotive earlier is fully equipped to safely collect and transport waste lead acid batteries (LAB) to recycling facilities. Tailored to the highest standards by Zubair Automotive, the modified truck has increased the capacity for collections.
As part of the continuous support extended to the two members, Zubair SEC in close collaboration with the marketing and communication team at The Zubair Corporations also effected full rebranding for Recycling Services, to help reflect their environment friendly approach and align with the developed marketing strategy for them.
Three years ago, Ominvest (Oman International Development and Investment Company SAOG) through its financial leasing associate, National Finance, had extended support in a facilitated financing of a truck for Recycling Services. The support enabled Recycling Services to buy the truck after which Zubair Automotive modified the truck to meet the industry requirements.

Recycling Services has also received approval (or/licence/certification) from Oman Environmental Services Holding Company S.A.O.C (Be’ah) to become a certified waste lead acid battery (LAB) collector.

Subsequent to the certification, Al Battashi’s Recycling Services signed an agreement with the recently launched Arab Lead Company LLC, Oman's first lead acid battery recycling project. As per the agreement, Recycling Services will collect the lead acid battery from associated companies and transport it to Arab Lead Company’s state-of-the-art facility in Rusayl for safe disposal.

In 2016 Zubair SEC had signed an agreement with Ominvest to support small enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs under the Direct Support Programme of the Centre.  As part of the agreement, Recycling Services was selected for the Ominvest seat within the Programme. Recycling Services had then concurred to work with Ominvest to highlight the importance of raising a culture of environmental responsibility, especially waste management.

Zubair SEC, a social responsibility initiative of The Zubair Corporation, has been facilitating business development opportunities for its members since its establishment and its support for Recycling Services comes within the framework of the centre’s objective.

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