Z-Corp renews sponsorship agreement with Oman Chess Committee (OCC)
Saturday, July 20, 2019

Under the framework of augmenting public and private sector partnership, The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) has renewed its sponsorship agreement with Oman Chess Committee (OCC). As part of the agreement, Z-Corp will support all the activities of Oman Chess Committee in the coming years.
The agreement between Z-Corp and OCC was enabled by Oman Olympic Committee as part of their plans to assist sports associations and athletes to get the support of the private sector companies.
The partnership agreement was signed by Al Zubair M Al Zubair, Vice Chairman, The Zubair Corporation, The Zubair Corporation and by Ahmed bin Darwish Al Balushi, Chairman of the Oman Chess Committee.  
The signing ceremony was attended by representatives of Z-Corp and members of the Oman Chess Committee.
The signing comes within the framework of Z-Corp’s strategy and social responsibility to encourage sport performances and achievements. As a private sector player, Z-Corp is keen on realising a long-term strategy aimed at providing support for the youth to invest their energies positively in the world of sports. The group has been constantly supporting and engaging with clubs and associations which focus on young talent, while developing and strengthening local communities at the same time.
Z-Corp had first signed a sponsorship agreement with OCC in 2017 to support the activities of OCC to enable it to spread the popularity of the chess among people especially youth. As part of this collaboration Z-Corp established centres in Muscat, Sohar, Ibri, Nizwa and Dhofar to popularise the mind sports.
Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Al Zubair M Al Zubair said, “As a member of the private sector, The Zubair Corporation is keen on supporting the country’s sports development since it believes it is an area of vital importance in the national development process. The framework of this agreement with Oman Chess Committee aims at fulfilling this strategy.  Z-Corp is committed to encourage and support Omani youth to train, participate, qualify and represent the Sultanate in international sports platforms. We are happy to support the goals of the Oman Olympic Committee in supporting sports associations in this case the Oman Chess Committee.”
He added, “We are proud of what we have achieved during the last couple of years. Since their establishments the Zubair Chess Centres have proficiently trained students. The centres have made a meticulous effort to provide dedicated chess training and expert guidance to help aspiring chess players to reach great heights. Through adept training and tournaments held throughout Oman we are pleased to have contributed significantly to the development of chess.”
Ahmed bin Darwish Al Balushi, Chairman of the Oman Chess Committee said, “We have strategic plans and objectives that we seek to achieve in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports Affairs and Zubair Corporation in order to activate and increase the number of chess practitioners and develop their abilities and skills across Oman to raise their levels and enable them to compete. A number of new centers will be established and we will launch two tournaments in addition to the existing competitions.”
He added, “We are thankful to the agreement which demonstrates Z-Corp’s commitment to supporting the development of sports in the country and encourage young talents. Over the years we have achieved a lot under the framework of this agreement and we appreciate Z-Corp’s decision to renew this partnership. The efforts of Z-Corp have helped in finding a new generation of players who are ready to represent the Sultanate in international platforms. The Zubair Corporations’ decision to establish training centres across Oman has provided a platform for aspiring chess champions to train and continue improving their game.”
He said, “We will continue to popularising the game of chess throughout Oman through new ideas and strategies.”
Demonstrating its continuous commitment to all kinds of sports, Z-Corp has been a partner and sponsor of different sports activities including football, handball, ice sports, volleyball for many years.

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