Fourth edition of ‘The Zubair Sporting Event - 2019’ concludes on a successful note
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The fourth edition of The Zubair Corporation LLC (Z-Corp)’s annual ‘Sporting Event’ concluded on a high note resonating a spirit of sportsmanship and institutional values. Nearly 435 employees from 11 companies participated in the annual sporting event organised by the Corporate Human Resources Department. As part of the Ramadan activities, football, cricket and volleyball matches were held at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex and Al Hail Cricket Ground between teams of Z-Corp’s group companies.
The football tournament was won by the Oasis Water Group team. While team Shangri-La won the second place and the third place won by the team of Qarat Al-Milh Petroleum.
While Oasis Water Group team won the volleyball tournament, the team from Azzan bin Qais finished second.  The third place went to the team B of Oasis Water Group.
The Zubair Automotive Group team took home the cricket tournament trophy. Team International Engineering Co LLC (ELCO) finished runners up and team The Zubair Corporation won the third place.
The launch event of this sports tournament was held under the auspices of Al Zubair M Al Zubair, Vice Chairman, The Zubair Corporation. Ten football, 10 volleyball and 13 cricket teams participated in the tournament.
Waleed Nasser Al Yarubi, Group Head, Human Resources, The Zubair Corporation said, “Such sportsmanship  collaborations allow team members to come together on a common platform and work towards the achievement of a common goal by thinking and offering various perspectives to win the game. As a major objective to display the spirit of Team Building and oneness amongst all staff of the group through its Corporate Shared Values and thereby progressing toward becoming the “Employer of Choice”. We realise the value of collaboration and always look for ways to foster it. This tournament helped us fulfil this objective. We are delighted with the success of this initiative and would like to congratulate the teams that won and those who participated. By organising this tournament between colleagues, Z-Corp has been effective in creating an ambiance of camaraderie between them.”
Z-Corp had successfully unveiled the initiative in 2016 to highlight the group’s shared value of ‘collaboration’. The event hopes to foster loyalty and unity among the employees of Z-Corp.
The previous editions of the initiative have promoted sports and healthy living among its employees and created an atmosphere of camaraderie and team spirit among employees within the corporation. Z-Corp believes such competitions will contribute to good health, improve abilities, elevate output, advance team culture and inspire staff interaction.
Such events not only motivate employees but also encourage them to continue striving for better performance level. Encouraging positive interactions and preserving fruitful employee engagement are the underlying factors that guide business in its drive through competitive and ever-changing marketing trends.

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