ABQ Education Group launches the Discovering You Program (DYP)
Sunday, June 23, 2019

Redefining career guidance counselling forever, ABQ Education Group, the largest private school operator in Oman, has launched the revolutionary Discovering You Program (DYP) for the new 2019/20 academic year.
DYP is a career awareness and guidance platform upon which 21st century skills and competencies are learned and developed through a mentorship program designed to facilitate pathways to better decision making and informed choices for both higher education studies and an ever-changing global economy.
DYP is designed to give students the ‘agency’ and inspiration to choose a career path that best suits their needs, wants, strengths, creativity and talents.
Humayun Kabir, Chief Executive Officer at ABQ Education Group said, “We believe every child deserves to be the architect of his or future. DYP is a mentorship curriculum for Grades 3 to 12 students that incorporates, depending on age, things like academic performance, 21st century skills assessment, aptitude tests, career field aspirations, career workshops, subject pathways, university and scholarships goal setting, career role-models etc. DYP has a 6-month action plan shared between mentors, parents and learners. The group has recruited a highly skilled and passionate Director of Mentorship Program to ensure a sustainable implementation of DYP.”
Talking about DYP, Rayed Darwish, Mentorship Program Director said, “The future is truly in the hands of our youth today. The fundamental aim of the Discovering You Program is to create an authentic ‘knowledge-based society’ whose purpose is to effect real change with graduates who become productive global citizens and leaders for the 21st century.”
With a future that is highly uncertain and volatile, DYP embraces the learning and development of 21st century skills coupled with a unique mentorship program to ensure students get the best head start possible.
Under DYP, teachers will not only facilitate the learning and development of 21st century skills, many will mentor students along their educational journey at ABQ. In fact, most of ABQ Education Group’s senior management team (SMT) - including principals - will mentor students all the way until graduation.
DYP will work in a two-step journey. Firstly, the Foundation Stage (Grades 3 to 7) will primarily focus on learning, developing and improving upon 21st century skills. Students are also mentored along the way and encouraged to find the ideal study pathway by the end of grade eight.
In the Pinnacle Stage (Grade 8 to 12), students will undergo career and aptitude testing to prepare them for a special DYP career workshop. This workshop will see students, their parents and mentors, sign a pledge to work towards achieving higher education and career goals after graduating from ABQ.
A teacher from ABQ Education Group said, “This holistic approach to learning encapsulates and embraces the student as a ‘learner for life’ in order to make the best-informed decisions for higher education and the global workforce.”
DYP and Parents
Mothers and fathers are the essential building block upon which DYP was founded. They are an indispensable piece of the Learning Triangle, acting as team members with ABQ and as mentors for their children’s overall education, learning and development.
In addition, ABQ will hold parent seminars and workshops to give mothers and fathers the tools necessary to enrich their children’s schooling years.
Commenting on the program, a parent said, “Our children will benefit from this ‘personalised education’ platform upon which 21st century skills are imparted and instilled within a holistic approach to teaching and learning.”

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