Z-Corp holds Graduation Ceremony for participants of the Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP)
Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp)’s widely acclaimed Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP) which provided participants with a wide range of learning opportunities culminated with a graduation ceremony. The formal ceremony was held recently under the auspices of Hani Mohammed Al Zubair, Executive Director, The Zubair Corporation. The event was attended by senior management team, programme consultant, and employees of the Zubair group of companies along with the ELDP graduates.

With an objective to uplift the capacities of existing employees and prepare them for future leadership position, Z-Corp had launched the ELDP programme as part of its Strategic Efficiency Empowerment Development (SEED) initiative. The programme curriculum was conscripted in-house by the Corporate Human Resources department in partnership with Sia- Partners, the strategic partner.

Over the course of the ELDP programme, which began in 2016, talented employees of Z-Corp were exposed to management topics through a series of masterclasses and project assignments.  They were equipped with skills and knowledge to promote excellence and innovation in their organisation, acquiring new capabilities, and leadership competencies.

International trainers and programme consultants led the comprehensive two years professional development programme, which enabled and nurtured talented participating employees of the group. The eight modules that were covered under the ELDP programme included: Making Strategy Happen; Leadership Challenges; Balanced Scorecard and Setting KPIs; Leading Through Creativity and Innovation; Influencing and Negotiation; Strategic Project management and Managing Stakeholder; Risk Management and Business Continuity and Corporate Social Responsibility. The eight renowned international experts who elevated the learning experience through their interactive teaching styles were Prof. Jeroen De Flander, Prof. Graham Moore, Prof. James Creelman, Prof. Ron Jonason, Prof. Andy Preston, Prof. Marc Karschies, Prof. Alice Short and Prof. Aglaia Ntili.

An effective organisation strives to gear-up to meet future challenges that they foresee. Preparing an organisation and its key personnel to drive through these challenges is a major step to ensure the success of business sustenance. The strategic vision of the Z-Corp encouraged it to launch ELDP to be equipped and help promote the next line of senior management team.

Congratulating the graduates on their newly acquired certificate, Hani Mohammed Al Zubair said, “We are proud to have supported the development of leadership skills and capacity among talented employees of our group companies. We look forward to seeing them continue to grow and assume bigger responsibilities. We launched the ELDP programme as the first stream of the SEED initiative, with an aim to develop future leaders across the group, inculcating the development of competencies for strategic empowerment. Z-Corp is firmly committed to developing a strong human capital foundation by adopting effective Human Capital practices.”

He added, “The Zubair Corporation is committed to playing an essential role in Oman’s continued march towards further development, progress and prosperity. We are delighted that the programme was held in line with government’s strategy and intention to promote Omanis to high management position in private sector organisations.  Z-Corp aspires to contribute to the national effort to develop talent. Since prioritising skills development is a key strategy for Oman’s economic competitiveness and growth, Z-Corp is a keen participant in the national agenda to develop human capital.”

In his speech, ELDP participant Mohammed Suleiman Saleh Al Balushi said, “This special event marks a significant milestone in our lives. It tells how far we have come, pushing and motivating ourselves to keep learning, keep trying, keep accomplishing, and keep venturing on throughout our ELDP journey. Our success is a true reflection of combined thirst, hunger, enrichment and excellence that we chanced upon, enroute to this exciting moment, on this very special day. The teaching experts’ constant encouragement combined with astute delivery methodology and efforts, are the primary reason for us to reap maximum benefits, resulting in our success being translated to this day of accomplishment.”

Sia Partners representative, Mr. Carlos Guevara said, “We have seen incredible commitment of Z-Corp’s top management with regards to growing its talents. This is representative of an organisation that seeks to be a trailblazer. When it comes to talent development, Z-Corp is a role model, not only in Oman but in the region. The group is achieving its objective of elevating the competencies of its talents and preparing them for future leadership position.”

One of the international trainers said, “The initiative in setting up this extensive programme and the commitment of Z-Corp shows that the company values its staff and invests in their development and in the company's future. Participants demonstrated practical application of the knowledge acquired, through sessions that has a real application to their business reality.  We are certain that ELDP talents have started applying their learnings by working better in teams, started to think in a more strategic way and have a more profound understanding of their leadership styles.  The vision of the ELDP was to create not only a new set of skills for the talents, but to drive business value for Z-Corp.”

Participants, of the ELDP programme said that sessions offered them a chance to gain invaluable experience and exposure.

Mohammed Suleiman Saleh Al Balushi, Business development manager, Zubair Automotive Group elucidated that ELDP programme has provided all the participant’s extensive exposure and unique experience. Al Balushi said, “I am privileged to be one of the participants in this programme which was designed to fulfil the business requirement of our organisation. The ELDP structure motivated us as participants learn about diverse needs of the business and as participants, we learnt how to motivate our teams, support others, and how to implement strategies that positively impact our business. As future leaders also we worked to hone our leadership skills, and have great exposure to our international expert professors, who engage by providing their time, feedback, and advice.”

M J Patel (Mickey) of Oman Oil Industry Supplies & Services (OOISS) illuminated that the ELDP programme has given exceptional opportunities to learn new techniques and tools. He said, “In today's competitive world, we all need to keep on developing ourselves. In the emerging competitive world, one needs to focus on continuous development for self-improvement as well as for the sustainability of the companies or the business that they are in. This programme is a unique opportunity for all of us to learn new techniques and tools that can be applied in the various areas of the business management in the organisation. We thank Z-Corp for investing in this training during an economically difficult time in the global market.”
Moosa Al Hasani, assistant general manager, Al Hilal Investment Company said, “I am very grateful to Z-Corp for providing us this opportunity to participate in this extraordinary programme. The programme was a holistic and rotational designed to equip us with hands-on experience through various foundational courses. Apart from to enhancing the learning process and fortifying the results, we were coached and mentored by international experts and consultants. The programme focused on developing our functionally as well as competence in leadership, soft skills and operational side.  The objective was to enable us to have the required capability and efficiency to drive the future efficiently.”
The ELDP programme, which was organised for the first time by a private sector company in Oman, embarked on a comprehensive upgrade of the organisation to meet tomorrow’s leadership and human capacity demands.  During each of the eight modules, the participants attended a masterclass delivered by an international expert in the subject who then assigned them a project that they completed over a period of about six weeks. After each course, the talents were coached throughout the period by expert consultants, so they produced tangible deliverables before they are awarded with the corresponding certificate endorsed by an international body.

“Participants have benefited immensely from the exposure and knowledge they have received from international experts. The programme will enable the group to build the next generation of professional leaders,” said a representative of Z-Corp’s HR department.

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