Al Omania Education Services in association with Zubair SEC launches Entrepreneurship Centre at Sohar International School
Monday, December 24, 2018

In line with their efforts to raise and promote a culture for entrepreneurship amongst students, Al Omania Education Services in collaboration with Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) launched an Entrepreneurship Centre at Sohar International School and kick off the “Enabling Enterprise Programme”.

The inauguration ceremony was held under the patronage of Al Zubair Muhammad Al Zubair, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of The Zubair Corporation. The event was attended by deputy wali of Sohar, member of Al Shura Council, and representatives of local community, in addition to executives from The Zubair Corporation, Zubair SEC, and Al Omania Education Services.

During the inauguration ceremony, a cooperation agreement was signed between Al Omania Education Services and Zubair SEC.
Al Omania Education Services, an Omani education operator, operates many schools including the Sohar International School in Sohar.
The Entrepreneurship Centre at the Sohar International School will host a unique empowerment programme to 'incubate' ideas and promote entrepreneurial skills development among its students so that they are better prepared to ultimately contribute positively to the local economy and industry.

The programme consists of a matrix of modules, projects, workshops, guest speakers and industry interactions across all areas and ages in the school.

Dr. Rashid Ali Al Balushi, Board Member of Al Omania Education Services, said, “Sohar International School is delighted to collaborate with the prestigious Zubair SEC to launch the Entrepreneurship Centre at our school. Zubair SEC has been rendering outstanding service to the community by promoting entrepreneurship and social impact. The Entrepreneurship Centre aims to offer experiential learning on how to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking, identify business opportunities, apply sound business planning and then implement robust business plans. We believe that through such programmes students completing education at our school will emerge better equipped and with a superior enterprising and inquiring mind-set to students from other institutions. Sohar International School is the only school in Oman accredited for the Enabling Enterprise programme. The Enabling Enterprise programme at the school seeks to support and equip our students with the skills, experience and aspirations to succeed in school and beyond. The programme focusses on the eight core enterprise challenge skills.”

Mohammed Al Hasani, Chief Communications Officer, The Zubair Corporation said, “We are happy to spread the culture of entrepreneurship at Sohar International School. We congratulate Al Omania Education Services for instilling the entrepreneurship centre at the school.  It is important to expose students to the idea of entrepreneurship and its merit. This centre and its programme will provide an opportunity for students to gain valuable entrepreneurial insight to what is required to be successful in business. Zubair SEC is committed to helping young Omani entrepreneurs achieve their goals in business and innovation. The centre has helped a number of youngsters across Oman to accelerate people’s plans to set up their first business; as such, cultivating entrepreneurship thinking amongst school students aligns well with Zubair SEC’s overall goal to promote entrepreneurship in the country.”
In this context it may be recalled that to boost an entrepreneurship spirit among students, youth and job seekers, Zubair SEC has conducted various reach out campaigns in schools and colleges across the Sultanate in the past years. The reach out efforts encompasses training workshops, orientation programmes, talks and interactive sessions and aims to create a strong ecosystem in the Sultanate.

Through the purview of its reach out efforts, Zubair SEC has held special sessions in several educational institutions including Al Musanna College of Technology, Surour School, College of Banking and Financial Studies Muscat, Higher Technology College Al Khuwair. In addition, Zubair SEC has also held workshops in advisory centres in Buraimi, Nizwa, some parts of Al Dakhiliyah and Al Sharqiyah governorates. Zubair SEC has also conducted entrepreneurship related workshops for students in Sultan Qaboos University, applied science colleges and other private colleges across Oman. The campaign has received a keen interest from students and even trainers who have even expressed an interest to be part of Zubair SEC.
Zubair SEC has also been working very closely with Injaz Oman in further equipping students with entrepreneurship skills and tools to help them execute and manage their prototype projects; the centre also receives graduates of Injaz Oman every year to join the wider membership of Zubair SEC, for those who choose to peruse their projects further.

Zubair SEC is one of the initiatives which emanated from The Zubair Corporation’s social responsibility strategic vision towards the Omani society.  Zubair SEC is keen on equipping students with experiential, hands-on business skills, negotiation knacks and teamwork abilities through such programmes.

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