Zubair SEC member launches hi-tech delivery truck to enable business growth
Saturday, February 17, 2018

To ensure the business growth of her Al Rawaye Al Shamikha poultry farm, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) member Aliya Abdullah Al Nahbani has launched a hi-tech refrigerated delivery truck.

Aliya Abdullah Al Nahbani, the winner of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2016, is the founder of the thriving Al Rawaye Al Shamikha poultry farm in Nizwa. The purchase of the hi-tech refrigerated delivery truck from Zubair Automotive at a competitive rate was facilitated by Zubair SEC.

Zubair SEC had recently helped Aliya to launch a new top-notch barn in Nizwa following the success of their barn model started a year ago. Zubair SEC, a social responsibility initiative of Z-Corp, has been facilitating business development opportunities for its members since its establishment and this support for Aliya to buy the truck comes within the framework of the centre’s objective.

The hi-tech refrigerated delivery truck that has been branded with her company logo will help expand operations of Al Rawaye Al Shamikha to other parts of the country and enable her to supply to hypermarkets as well. Until now, Aliya has been selling her products in and around Nizwa. The purchasing of the truck will allow Aliya to save on costs too as earlier she had to hire multiple vehicles to supply her products. The purchase of the truck comes at a right time as Al Rawaye Al Shamikha poultry farm has doubled its production capacity with the launch of its fourth barn.

Above all the delivery truck meets the sanitary requirements for food safety and has been designed as per the latest international standards to transport meat, poultry and egg products. The truck will keep the products from the poultry barn at an appropriate temperature and humidity level, so they arrive safely at their final destination.

Hani Al Zubair, Chairman, The Zubair Automotive Group said, “We are delighted to support Aliya in her success story. We are extremely proud of the determination of young women like Aliya who continue to demonstrate commitment towards the success and growth of their business. Transportation and storage are vital to her business and the newly purchased hi-tech refrigerator truck will help her in the journey.  With the purchase of this truck she can reach her products to any part of the country in a safe manner and as per the stipulated guidelines of food transport safety. The branded Al Rawaye Al Shamikha truck will also give great visibility to the company products as it moves around the country for delivery.”

Appreciating the efforts of Zubair SEC, Hani Al Zubair said, “Large corporations have a key role to play in helping SMEs realise their potential. Zubair SEC has always been in the forefront of facilitating similar business growth opportunities for its members. The key role that Zubair SEC plays in supporting growth and boosting capability of SMEs in Oman will continue to be lauded.”

Aliya has purchased the truck at the right time because with the launch of hi-tech barn recently the barn’s production capacity has increased by 50 per cent. Besides, the volume that can be transported in the truck is much more.

Voicing her gratitude Aliya said, “The support that I have been receiving since I joined Zubair SEC has been vital to the development and progress of my business. The team at Zubair SEC has been paying close attention to every detail of my business operations and providing me with guidance and advice on how to take my business forward.”

She added, “With their guidance I was able to purchase the truck, and this will help me fulfil my long-drawn dream of supplying to supermarkets. This truck will help me transfer high quality products in large quantities and will open new markets for my products and expand my business. I feel proud that the truck carries my company’s logo and branding this will help market my product.”

Al Rawaye Al Shamikha’s first hi-tech barn was funded by the grant money Aliya received for being the winner of the Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme in 2016.

The funding for the second hi-tech poultry barn was provided by Al Raffd Fund, a government financial organisation aimed to fund, support, encourage and promote the entrepreneurial growth of Omani citizens. The funding by Al Raffd Fund was facilitated and made possible by Zubair SEC.

The hi-tech barns are designed and installed in a manner that allows portability and relocation if Aliya wishes to move her operations.  At 400 meters square the space area of the modern barns is larger than manual ones. The new barn is built as per modern chicken farming standards by applying the Sandwich Panel construction method, which provides thermal insulation. It is important to note that thermal insulation provides better environment for the chicken and saves on electricity, therefore environment friendly.  The new barn also applies automatic irrigation methods saving water consumption, as opposed to manual methods used for the first two barns. The new barn follows latest health and safety standards and appropriate spacing to prevent transmission of diseases.

With an objective to reinforce the company’s business development and market positioning, Zubair SEC had created a new brand identity for Al Rawaye Al Shamikha in 2017. The new brand identity was created and designed in close consultation with Aliya. She was advised to engage with stakeholders including local community member, friends and family to get insight and feedback on the new branding before its launch.

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