Zubair SEC launches new brand identity for member “Al Diwan Dates”
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

With an intention to strengthen its member’s business market positioning, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) has created a new brand identity for Al Diwan Dates. Zubair SEC member Sultan Salim Rashid Al Sha’ei is the founder of Nizwa-based Al Diwan Dates which specialises in the production of dates, sweets, nuts, coffee and spices.

Sultan Salim Rashid Al Sha’ei is the winner of the fourth edition of the Direct Support Programme 2017 organised by Zubair SEC.

The newly revealed logo and brand identity reflects the authenticity and cultural aspect behind Al Diwan Dates products. The brand identity was developed after thorough brainstorming and creative sessions between Sultan Al Sha’ei and Zubair SEC team and branding specialists at The Zubair Corporation. The new identity of the company uses Arabic Calligraphy to convey the strong local presence as well as importance of dates as product to the community.

Adel Hubeishi, Senior Advisor, Zubair SEC said, “Al Diwan Dates is one of the companies that produces quality dates in Oman. Al Sha’ei aspires to provide excellence not only in the quality of the product but in the quality of the services provided. We are delighted to help him with the launch of his brand identity. We hope that the new branding identity adds value to his company, and provides him with greater motivation to work even harder.”

Sultan Al Sha’ei said, “Dates are a popular food across the region and in Oman it holds a place of honour in the culture and cuisine. Al Diwan Dates aims to expand to the various governorates of the Sultanate and to enter the regional markets too. The new branding for my company is certain to inject a sense of confidence to the brand. We have used Arabic calligraphy as it creates an emotional and cultural reference to the consumers in this part of the world. We are producing the dates according to best standards, innovating new products and thereby promoting the hospitality of the Arabian Heritage. The new brand identity is certain to help in this journey.”

He pointed out that Zubair SEC has been offering unstinted and continuous support since he has been a member of the centre.

“The advisors at Zubair SEC have been providing me with guidance and advice on how to take my business forward and I am very grateful for the same. They have equipped me with guidance and knowledge through one on one advisory sessions and workshops and sessions held by the Center” he said.  

Zubair SEC has helped its members with rebranding efforts in the past too. As one of Oman’s significant social responsibility initiatives, Zubair SEC has always been in the forefront in assisting ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow assertively. Through Zubair SEC, its members have been having better access to knowledge, expertise, guidance, and markets.

Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme which has established a very reputable and credible positioning in the SMEs sector has grown extraordinarily through its five annual rounds so far. The programme has been providing support and intensive advisory to high-potential young entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

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