Third edition of The Zubair Corporation Ramadhan Tournament – 2018 Concludes
Thursday, December 6, 2018

The third edition of The Zubair Corporation LLC (Z-Corp)’s Ramadan Tournament 2018 initiative concluded recently. The closing event was held at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, in the presence of Al Zubair M Al Zubair, Vice Chairman, The Zubair Corporation.

As a step to sow the spirit of team building and oneness among its employees, Z-Corp had conducted a sports competition under the ‘Ramadan Tournament” initiative during the month of Ramadan.

The competition was part of Z-Corp's keenness to promote sports and healthy living among its employees and to create an atmosphere of camaraderie, entertainment and team spirit among employees within the corporation. The group had successfully unveiled the initiative in 2016 as part of the group’s shared values of ‘collaboration’ and ‘care & respect’.

As part of ‘Ramadan Tournament’, football, cricket and volleyball tournaments were held between teams of Z-Corp’s group companies at various venues. A total of 9 teams participated for Football, while 8 teams competed for Volleyball, and 11 teams chased championship in Cricket.

Stressing that group encourages positive collaboration among the employees of Z-Corp said, Al Zubair M Al Zubair added, “Z-Corp’s HR practices include a strong policy that focuses on engagement and empowerment that seeks to generate and guarantee a meaningful relationship between the employee and the organization. The 2018 Third Ramadhan Tournament purpose is part of the group’s strategy and vision to achieve shared value of ‘collaboration’, foster people engagement and promote a passionate culture of togetherness. The third edition witnessed keen competition among the participating teams.”

Explaining that the championship aimed to provide a platform for talented sportsmen from different companies of the group, Al Zubair M Al Zubair added, “We also hoped to foster loyalty and unity among the employees of Z-Corp.”

He said he was happy that championship had witnessed great participation from the staff from different companies of the group.

Football Tournament:

The football championship saw a tussle between Oasis Water Company and Shangri-La in the final. The final, which witnessed a close competition, was won by Oasis Water Company. Shangri-La and Oman Oil Industry Suppliers and Services Company LLC (OOISS) finished second and third respectively.

Qasim Siyabi from Shangri-La was awarded the best player, while Na’il Al Salti from Oasis Water pocketed the Golden boot, and Ali Al Balushi from OOISS was awarded the Best Goalkeeper.

The teams that participated in the competition included two teams from Zubair Automotive Group and ARA Group each, Oasis Water Company, Zubair Furnishing, Shangri La, Bait Al Zubair, and OOISS.

Volleyball Tournament:

The volleyball championship witnessed a close competition between eight teams, two from Oasis Water Company, one each from Shangri La, Zubair Automotive Group, OCS Infotech, Zubair Electric, Zubair Furnishing and Federal Transformers. OASIS Water Company won the first place, Shangri La stood second, while Oasis Water Company (B team) finished third.  

The best player of the tournament was awarded to Sunny from OCS Infotech, Sarath from OASIS(B) won the Best Smash, and Abdulhakeem from OASIS(A) won the Best Serve award.

Cricket Tournament:

Eleven teams participated in the cricket championship. They were two team from Zubair Furnishing, one each from Z-Corp, Zubair Electric, BIG International Group, Federal Transformers, OOISS, Oasis Water Company, Zubair Automotive Group, Shangri La, and ELCO International Engineering Co LLC. Zubair Automotive Group won the championship and Oasis Water Company was the runners up, whilst the third place was pocketed by Z-Corp.

The Man of the Series was awarded to Rishab from OCS Infotech, while Praba from BIG pocketed the Best Batsman, Anshad from OASIS won the Best Bowler, and Praveen Pinto from OOISS won the Best Catcher award.

Z-Corp believes such competitions will improve abilities, elevate output, advance team culture, instill people engagement, foster wellness and inspire staff interaction. By organizing these outdoor games competitions between colleagues and friends, Z-Corp have been successful in creating an atmosphere of team spirit among employees within the corporation.

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