Z-Corp's 'collaboration team' organises get-together for elderly citizens in Bidiya
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

: To create awareness among the community to inculcate love, respect and care for senior citizens, The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp)’s ‘collaboration team’ organised a get-together for the elderly in cooperation with the Elderly Friends Group at Bidiya. The gathering was attended by a number of elderly citizens in the Al Sharqiyah Governorate and members of Omani for Elderly Friends. The get-together encompassed many activities and programmes in honour of the senior citizens.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the elderly citizens to network with fellow community members and others. The aim of hosting the programme was to inspire, engage and encourage senior citizens to continue playing an active role in society.

A group of employees of Z-Corp and its subsidiaries called the ‘collaboration team’, who plan community special initiatives, executed this special get-together for senior citizens. In the past, the team has organised a variety of programmes such as social activities and community support events for the benefit of the elders across the governorates of the Sultanate.

Omani Elderly friends group has been working towards the welfare of senior citizens in coordination with private and public-sector companies.  The objective of the group is to work towards the physical, mental and social well-being of senior citizens as well as enhance the quality of their life. The get-together also aimed to highlight the activities of Omani Elderly Friends group from the different governorates of the Sultanate.

Accentuating that the Z-Corp management is pleased to be associated with such a meaningful initiative, Ibrahim Al Salmi, AGM Corporate communication, The Zubair Corporation said, “We applaud our ‘collaboration team’ for trying to create a bond between the young and the old. Through events such as these we propose to recognise the role and standing of the elderly in society. We are thrilled to honour our senior citizens who have contributed to the welfare of the society in innumerable unique ways.”

Badriyah Al Saifi, in-charge of Elderly North Sharqiya said, “Senior citizens in our societies merit admiration and gratitude. We are delighted to collaborate with the Zubair Corporation and reach out to the elders across the governorates. We are thankful to Zubair Corporation’s ‘collaboration team’ for organising such a wonderful event. All the elderly citizens who attended had a lovely time interacting.”

A member of Collaboration team said, “Recognising elderly citizens’ contributions would help to make ours a more age-inclusive society. We are pleased to make a difference in the lives of the elderly in Oman through our partnership with Omani Elderly Friends group.”

As part of its commitment to contribute towards meaningful causes in the community, Z-Corp’s ‘collaboration team’ had organised a get-together forum in Nizwa for the elderly in cooperation with the Omani Elderly Friends group. As part of its initiatives to reach out to the local community during the spiritually uplifting Ramadan month last year, Z-Corp’s collaboration team had organised a Iftar and dinner reception for senior citizens in Al Batinah South and Al Dakhiliyah governorates. Z-Corp had also handed over a pick up to the for Elderly Friends’ group at Al Sharqiyah South Governorate branch. ‘Collaboration team’ had also organised a get-together for senior citizens in cooperation with the Muscat branch of Omani group for Elderly Friends.

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