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Oman Oil Industry Supplies & Services (OOISS) is a $100 million company and one of the larger companies within the substantive Zubair Energy Group. OOISS was formed in 1974 and at that time was the first Omani owned oilfield services and supply company operating in the Sultanate. Since this time OOISS has maintained its leadership position by offering specialized support to industry in Oman with focused departments and dedicated sales personnel while operating to the highest international standards which include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and TRACE.

The OOISS technical staff, which comprises a sales team of numerous disciplines and expertise, have developed excellent contacts with key customers, EPC contractors, consultants and other groups involved with the Oman energy and industrial sectors. This offers our principals & associates immediate access to the right people in addition to advice and help regarding business acquisition strategies.

OOISS also offers further considerable support to companies wishing to do business in the Sultanate. This may take many forms depending on the needs of both the customer & the foreign group. For example, companies have tailored their local organization to suit their key operations while leaving a multitude of important tasks to OOISS, examples include sales & marketing, clearing & forwarding, financial services, infrastructure & logistical support such as offices & warehousing, transportation & delivery, personnel and so on.

The technical salesmen are closely following the requirements of the customers and by using the help of our extensive network of international manufacturers & suppliers we are able to successfully match the need with the appropriate solution. In support of these activities OOISS maintains a huge inventory of products comprising several million dollars at any time allowing customers to receive products often within twenty-four hours. Aiding this process is our extensive fleet of trucks and bulk transporters with experienced well qualified drivers who have an excellent reputation for safe operations.

Operations are conducted from purpose built facilities in the capital Muscat comprising 60,000sqm, which include offices, workshops, warehousing and considerable covered storage areas. From these facilities OOISS manages and sells a whole range of products and services covering a large spectrum of the energy industry. Products range from materials required for the drilling of the wells right through to equipment required for large downstream projects.
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