Z-Corp hosts chess training programme for students in Nizwa
Sunday, April 30, 2017

With an intention to encourage more students to take up the game of chess, The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp), in association with Oman Chess Committee (OCC), organised a chess training programme for students at Dhofar Automotive Showroom in Nizwa.

Nearly 30 students participated in the training conducted by chess experts.  The training programme was led by the expert Basher Al Qudami . Officials from Z-Corp, Dhofar Automotive and OCC, parents and visitors to the showroom watched the young students indulge in the game of chess.

Confirming Z-Corp’s support to chess, Mohammed Al Hasani, Chief Communications Officer, The Zubair Corporation said, “We were happy to support this training programme in Nizwa as the young children participated in the sessions with a lot of enthusiasm. We are keen on backing OCC’s strive to promote chess through the three centres that is being established in Sohar, Ibri and Nizwa. As a policy, Z-Corp is keen on championing the cause of endowed sportspersons, teams and associations. The pact between Z-Corp and OCC was facilitated by Oman Olympic Committee as part of their plans to help sports associations and athletes to get the funding of the private sector companies. “

Al Hasani added, “Chess has become increasingly popular and it is believed that schools in many parts of the world have introduced chess as major part of the curriculum because of the benefits of the game. Chess requires strategic and critical thinking. It encourages fast thinking and problem-solving. Young people who dream to qualify for national and international competitions will profit from the kind of trainings we hosted in Dhofar Automotive Showroom in Nizwa. Our effort to popularise the game will continue.”

Appreciating the Z-Corp for extending their support, Laila bint Ahmed al Najjar, Chairperson of Oman Chess Committee said, “We are grateful for their support and feel that a respected private organisation like Z-Corp supporting chess related activities will go a long way in promoting the game in Oman. These training sessions will help us identify players to represent Oman regionally and globally.”

She added, “These training programmes are the motivation that encourages students to master the game of chess. Students also improve their focus and concentration and cope with dealing with winning and losing in a safe environment, and understand the undercurrents of team spirit.”

Z-Corp recently inked a sponsorship agreement with Oman Chess Committee (OCC) in the presence of Khalid Muhammad Al Zubair, chairman of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) and managing director of The Zubair Corporation. The agreement was signed by Mohammed Al Hasani and Laila bint Ahmed al Najjar, on behalf of their respective institutes. As per the agreement, Z-Corp will support the activities of OCC for the next one year to enable it to spread the popularity of the chess among people especially youth.

The agreement was initiated in the context of Z-Corp’s commitment to support the development of sports in the country and encourage young talents. As a member of the private sector, The Zubair Corporation is keen on supporting the country’s sports development since it believes it is an area of vital importance in the national development process.

Demonstrating its continuous commitment to all kinds of sports, Z-Corp has been a partner and sponsor of different sports activities including football, handball, ice sports and volleyball for many years.

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