Zubair Corporation supports Omani motorsport champion Hamid Al Qasimi
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A motorsport icon, Hamid Al Qasimi who has been representing Oman has experienced great success locally and internationally. The champion rallyist had recently clinched a podium place in the Ras Al Khaimah Rally.

Z-Corp has always been committed to supporting the sports sector in the Sultanate and the company strongly believes talented sports personalities should be nurtured. Z-Corp has been involved in various activities that encourage Omanis sports personalities and backing Al Qasimi is part of this strategy.

Accentuating that Z-Corp is committed to endorsing outstanding achievers, Ibrahim Al Salmi, Social Communication Manager, at The Zubair Corporation said, “We are staunch supporters of talented and ambitious Omanis who bring laurels to the country. Al Qasimi has proven that he is a champion through his hard work and sincerity. We are happy to support strong ambassadors for Oman who are ideal roles model for aspiring sportsmen. Espousing talented sportsmen is an important component of The Zubair Corporation’s strategy and social responsibility.”

As a private sector player, Z-Corp is keen on implementing a long-term strategy aimed at providing support for youth to invest their energies positively.

Al Salmi added, “Sportsmen like Al Qasimi through their achievements are aspirational role models epitomising great values. They set a positive example and serve as role models to younger generations.”

Expressing gratitude, Al Qasimi said, “It is a great honour to be supported by the prestigious private sector company The Zubair Corporation. The group has supported me in the past too. It shows their dedication to hard working sportsmen who represent the country. Their endeavour to spot and then nurture potential talent will contribute to the success of sporting scene of this country.”

Z-Corp understands the need for the development of youth for the progress of the nation. The group has continuously worked towards guaranteeing effective and sustainable development of the youth and encouraged them to go out in the world and achieve their dreams.

Demonstrating its continuous commitment to all kinds of sports, Z-Corp has been a partner and sponsor of different sports activities including football, handball, ice sports, volleyball for many years. Z-Corp also wishes to support the development of sports in the country and encourage young talents.

With an objective to recognise a unique talent, The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) had honoured Oman’s well-known freestyle footballer Mohammed Al Nofli recently.

Being part of the private sector, The Zubair Corporation is keen on supporting the country’s sports development since it believes it is an area of vital importance in the national development process.

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