‘Zubair Automotive Group plays pivotal role in integrating Omani youth into automotive sector’
Monday, May 15, 2017

Stressing that group is committed to Omanisation, Jamal Al Balushi, Group Head of human resources, Zubair Automotive Group, said, “The Company has played an important role in integrating Omani youth into the vital automotive sector.”

Saying that the group has kept pace with its initial training and job targets, Al Balushi said, “Development of the national workforce is a top priority for us and we have focused on several important criteria in order to provide real opportunities for Omani youth.”

Al Balushi said that Oman has taken a leading role in training and qualifying the national workforce in various vocational training institutes in coordination with the Ministry of Manpower and other authorities in the public and private sectors.

He pointed out that these training and rehabilitation courses have enabled Omani youth to specialise in the technical and engineering subjects as required by the automotive sector.

“It has also enhanced the capabilities and skills of Omani youth to assume greater responsibilities in their careers,” he said.

In line with the national objective of offering more employment opportunities for young Omanis, Zubair Automotive Group has been coordinating closely with National Automotive Higher Institute (NAHI) in cooperation with a number of private sector companies and institutions. He explained that NAHI has been founded by the government and several leading auto dealers in Oman as an institute aimed at empowering the national workforce in various automotive specialisations.

“The institute is specialised in providing training for Omani youth in various fields including maintenance and repair of light and heavy vehicles, painting of vehicles, spare parts management, and sale of vehicles, customer service and other specialisations. Oman’s first specialised automotive training centre is armed with state-of-the-art facilities,” Al Balushi said.

Highlighting that there is a serious need to increase the rate of Omanisation in the automotive sector in the Sultanate, Al Balushi said, “A study conducted in the Omani market in cooperation with global research centre has found that Oman suffers from a severe shortage of qualified Omani technicians in the field of maintenance and repair of light and heavy vehicles. The study confirmed the need for youngsters to be trained annually as specialised technicians in the automotive industry.

The institute is unique as it offers an advanced diploma in engineering and commercial studies, competency based training (CBT) and short courses. The course is split into three levels of qualification – CBT of 10 months duration, CBT of 18 months duration, and a Diploma programme of two-years. While the completion of high school is mandatory for the Diploma programme, it is a preference for either of the shorter programmes.

He said number of trainees at Zubair Automotive Group and students who were enrolled in the institute stood at 79.

“The company's Human Resources Department monitors the work hours of the trainees at the campus,” he said.

He pointed out that the graduates who complete the 10-month course will work at Zubair Automotive Group to develop their skills. First batch of graduates will be joining workshops in different sectors to make them eligible to join work. The institute is equipped with the latest technical and mechanical equipment in addition to the presence of highly specialised trainers in this field.

Balushi said: "During this year, the Z-Corp will rehabilitate 79 trainees in order to recruit them in Al Zubair Foundation. In addition, there are plans to train and qualify Omani youth in some of the courses organised by the Group. Z-Corp through its group companies, are looking for opportunities through which it can support the ongoing efforts made by the Omani government to create new job opportunities for Omanis. Our close involvement in the NAHI initiative is an important step in achieving this strategic goal.”

With an objective to help high potential employees to move into senior management positions, Z-Corp has also launched a leadership development programme. It is one of world’s leading leadership development programme that is designed to help employees with workforce succession planning, he said.

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