Zubair SEC member Al Rawaye Al Shamikha launches new brand identity
Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) has created a new brand identity for its members’ company Al Rawaye Al Shamikha small enterprise.

The company is founded and managed by Aliya Abdullah Al Nahbani, winner of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for year 2016

A strong and recognisable brand can help a business be more successful, which is why Zubair SEC suggested creating an effective brand identity for Al Rawaye Al Shamikha.

The new brand identity was created and designed in close consultation with Aliya. She was advised to engage with stakeholders including local community member, friends and family to get insight and feedback on the new branding before its launch.

Al Rawaye Al Shamikha is a poultry farm company and its third hi-tech barn in Nizwa was funded by the grant money received through Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme. While its production capacity with previous two barns was 9000 chicken per cycle, because of the new expansion the production has now increased to 13,500 chickens which is a surge by 50 per cent.

The space area of the new barn is larger than previous ones at 400 meters square. The new barn was built as per modern chicken farming standards by applying the Sandwich Panel construction method, which provides thermal insulation. It is important to note that thermal insulation provides better environment for the chicken and saves on electricity.  The new barn also applies automatic irrigation methods saving water consumption, as opposed to manual methods used for the earlier two barns. The new barn has applied the latest health and safety standards and proper spacing from other barns to prevent the transmission of diseases if any.

Expressing her gratitude Aliya Al Nabhani said, “The support that I have been receiving since I joined Zubair SEC has been of paramount importance to the development and progress of my business. The team at Zubair SEC have been paying attention to every detail of my business operations and providing me with guidance and advice on how to take my business forward and be able to compete in larger market scene.”

She added, “Our products have established very high credibility and popularity in Nizwa, and with the new look and feel of the brand and the proper branding we will be able to expand our markets and compete with other products in the market”.

Ali Shaker, Business Advisor at Zubair SEC said, “Our policy with all our Direct Support Programme winners is to first and foremost help them build a strong base for their business which will help achieve stability, scalability, and wider business development; an essential building block in that base is branding. This brand of Al Rawaye Al Shamikha in specific was an excellent example of joint efforts between us and the member, as well as peer review and stakeholder engagement from both sides, to really be able to create and deliver a brand that would echo well in the markets.”

He added, “Aliya has been a very active and engaged member who takes all our advice to heart and works hard to take her business forward and apply all suggestions to achieve greater success.”

The Direct Support Programme organised by Zubair SEC has been providing support and mentorship to high-potential young entrepreneurs and business owners since 2013.

Zubair SEC will launch the fifth edition of the Direct Support Programme in a few months from now.

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