Zubair SEC launches new brand identity for AZ Medcare
Monday, May 22, 2017

With an aim to reinforce and amplify the company’s status, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) has created a new brand identity for its members’ company Abraj Al Zahira Investment.

Branded as AZ Medcare, the company is established and managed by Mansoor Nasser Al Rahbi, winner of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2017.

AZ Medcare specialises in the business of wholesale medical care equipment and other related products. They focus on marketing niche products to the medical trade – nebulizers for respiratory support; cholesterol and blood pressure gauges; injury treatment supplies; and equipment for disabled people, to name a few. The company deals with pharmacies and hospitals in Muscat and nearby areas. Al Rahbi started his company in 2013 which has been growing in manpower and capacity ever since. AZ Med Care plans  to tap into retail business and expand across the Sultanate.

As part of the new brand identity, the company also unveiled its new logo. The AZ Medcare’s logo colours are blue and green reflecting health and sustainable medical care.  These colours are well recognised in the medical domain. 

Expressing gratitude for the support, Mansoor Al Rahbi said: “We are appreciative of the backing and direction from Zubair SEC. We are proud of our new brand identity and logo.  We believe that a strong brand identity will help us be identified by new customers”

Saying that strong branding lends a sense of confidence and reliability to a business,” Mansoor adds, “Our new brand Identity signals a milestone in our development plans. It is an expression of our approach to business.”

Lina Hussein, Head of Communication & Social Impact at Zubair SEC said, “We are especially proud of Mansour Al Rahbi for the systematic and professional approach he has towards the development of his entrepreneurial business. With a diploma in Pharmaceuticals and a Master degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Mansour managed to leverage his academic background to become an entrepreneur in the Medical Supply sector. 

The AZ Team, all pharmaceutical professionals, continuously research the market to identify gaps for unique products, which offer good value for money. We wish Mansoor and his team all the very best with the introduction of the new brand AZ MEDCARE and we pledge to keep extending all possible support to him and his team.”  

Zubair SEC has helped its members with rebranding and marketing efforts in the past too, including Efreez for members Yasir Al Battashi and Mohammed Al Balushi; Jana’en Al Hamra Private School for member Kathia Al Nabhani; Dar Al Khabourah for member Mahfoutha Al Balushi; and Raneem Ja’alan for member Najla’ Al Shikeili, to name a few.

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