Zubair SEC launches member’s new product Al Mazaj Coffee
Wednesday, July 19, 2017

With an intention to make the product more visible, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) has worked on creating brand identity for a new product of its member Naser Said Mohammed Al Hajri, founder and partner of Modern Nature World company, a winner of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme.

The new product is Omani coffee called Mazaj (the Arabic word for Mood), prepared and packed in Oman.  Al Hajri has been active in the wholesale business and has been running his coffee wholesale for sometime.
This brand identity and product launch exercise comes as part of Zubair SEC’s efforts to encourage its members to adopt and launch Omani products that have the potential to grow and reach wider markets.

Naser Al Hajri said, “the launching of the new brand and packaging design for Al Majaz Coffee is the first step to better market and promote our product. The brand and design work has been worked on closely with Zubair SEC team as part of their support and guidance in the area of marketing strategizing and business development for our business. The new brand will help enhance the positioning of our product in the Sultanate and better promote Omani coffee outside the country.
We thank Zubair SEC for their continuous support and their sincerity in extending all possible effort to Omani entrepreneurs and SME owners”

Appreciating Lina Hussein Head of Communication & social Impact  said, “We are very pleased to be launching this new product and brand for our member Naser Al Hajri. The product has been running in the markets for some time, and we realized that it needs proper branding and identity creation to allow it to scale up to wider markets”. 
She added, “working with Naser Al Hajri has been a very encouraging experience given his local insight, experience in the wholesale business, and eagerness to achieve growth with his business; the new brand brings to his coffee product that required edge that could help it sell competitively from the shelves of reputable retail stores”
Zubair SEC has helped its members with rebranding efforts in the past too, amongst various other support services. Zubair SEC has always been in the forefront in assisting ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow assertively. Through Zubair SEC, its members have been having better access to knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the market.

Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme rewards members who prove throughout their work with the Centre their commitment towards success and dedication in applying the consultancy and advice provided to them by the Zubair SEC team. Selected members for the Direct Support Programme receive additional direct advisory and consultancy services as well as a financial grant to support their businesses.

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